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Rules and Recommendations For Foreign Expeditions in Brazil


Reglas y Recomendaciones para Expediciones en Brasil
Norme pour les Expéditions Etrangères au Brésil

S.B.E. - Brazilian Speleological Society - established this text aiming to inform groups and individuals about rules and recommendations to be followed when engaged in speleological activities in Brazilian territory

The S.B.E. distinguishes two kinds of foreign speleological expeditions: technical-exploratory and scientific.

Scientific expeditions are ruled by governmental decree (Decree # 65.057. August 26, 1969). In the case of search and collection of biological, geological, archeological, palenteological and similar kinds of material -allowed solely to accredited researchers - such material must be presented as a whole to the entire team. It shall be included in collections of renowned Brazilian museums or research institutions, and can only be taken abroad as a loan. Such a loan will be made for a period of time of at most two years if previously agreed upon formally, it is possible to have up to 50% of the material kept definitely by a well reputed foreign museum or research institution. If the material is biological, the biotypes of new species shall be returned to Brazil.

The technical-exploratory expeditions are coordinated by the S.B.E., always deeply and seriously interested in the exchange of information and techniques akin to speleology. All expeditions - or visits by individual speleologists - to Brazilian caves are welcomed by the S.B.E., but should follow these recommendations:

  • Speleological activities in Brazilian territory must take place jointly with Brazilian speleological groups or individual speleologists. Such mutual cooperation must occur during all phases of the project, on an equitable basis of experience and knowledge - the aim is to achieve a sound level of interaction resulting in real progress, technical as well as theoretical, for the speleology of the countries involved. All decisions related to the expedition must be taken jointly with the Brazilian speleologists - for instance, the choice of the area for study, definition of objectives, issuing publications, and so forth. The initial contact may occur through a Brazilian speleologist or speleological group, or directly with the S.B.E., who will give orientation as to the necessary procedures.
  • Official expeditions, that is, expeditions sponsored by the speleological society of the country or origin, must present a project to be evaluated by the S.B.E. The project presented must define objectives, area of study, activities considered, chronogram, elements involved, contacts in Brazil, etc.
  • In the case of original activities, exploration of new areas, the expeditions must focus regions which are not being researched by Brazilian speleologists or speleological groups.
  • The expeditions must be referred to as joint undertakings, and must be so characterized in their official designation. For instance, a French expedition in Brazil must be named as a "Franco-Brazilian Project", and not as a "French Project in Brazil".
  • The expedition's final results must be divulged in Brazil through publication in specialized periodicals, or even as a report sent to the S.B.E. Among the languages used Portuguese must be included. The original cave maps must be sent do S.B.E.'s map collection, or stay in possession of the Brazilian groups which participate in the expedition.
  • If there should appear any impasse during the development of the projected work, the S.B.E. should be appealed to as an intermediary, before presenting the case to justice.



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